Does 84% of an Ipsos poll indicate Canadians believe that this should be a Right? Yes, and it needs addressing and not ignored or having it done secretly. In this powerful 16×9 episode by Global called “Life, Death and the Law” it is explored via individuals who are either willing to die in dignity or are/were loved ones.

While it is still illegal to assist someone in their choice, there is some action by the Supreme Courts as to whether this is against the Constitution. Personally I believe anyone should have the Right to make this decision. Regardless of quality of life, life ending pain, terminal illness or whatever reason you make to end your life, this should be your choice.

We have enough people, including in my life, ending their existence for a variety of reasons already. If there was a “process” whereby you were put into a system of professionals both medical and psychological, I feel some people would get the help they needed to either continue their life or end it in a way that is less tragic to all involved.

People who commit suicide suddenly obviously needed some help to either come to terms with their daemons. We have so little of that available in this country. Therapy is not readily available and waiting lists are long. When is Canada going to wake up to the fact that this is a real epidemic?

I realize these are two different issues but the bottom line is still the same. Life and death and the Right to do one or the other.

Life, Death and the Law: Families making end-of-life decisions |