Good argument for buying local. Peter Singer has always been an inspiration to me since I read Animal Liberation in the 70’s.

This blogger get’s it.

images-1One of Anna Lappé’s Seven Principles of a Climate-friendly Diet is ‘lean toward local’. Her argument makes sense: locally grown food does not travel far to get to the end-consumer. Particularly if you know the local producer and like her farming methods, it seems like the perfect solution – you get organic, sustainable food that only had to travel a few kilometres, your local farmer stays in business and the planet is better off because transportation is cut down. I think that’s called a win-win-win.

As I said: her argument makes sense… or does it? Turns out that this reasoning is simplifying the issue a little: as I said in an earlier post, the question of what to eat is not a black and white one.

97819211453771In their book ‘The Ethics of What We Eat’ Jim Mason and Peter Singer give us reasons why buying local is not always the best choice.

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