This is SO WRONG. CP has made a profit 19 of the last 20 years, 194 million profit last year when they predicted a loss of 200 million. How do you justify cutting our services for false reasons?

Ottawa Citizen

At Canada Post’s annual meeting last week, president Deepak Chopra reportedly compared the parcel business in Canada to a “winning horse” that his Crown corporation must bet on to stay out of the red in the coming years. The nag bringing up the rear, it would seem, is home letter delivery.

That Chopra turned to a thoroughbred metaphor was apt, given that, like horse racing, home letter delivery is also facing an inexorable decline. And while the move is proving very unpopular, Canada Post is right to send home letter delivery to the glue factory. Canadians sent 1.2 billion fewer pieces of mail in 2013 than they did in 2006, and technology will only depress that number further.

Here’s a government operation trying to get ahead of the curve — something we criticize government for not doing all the time — and suddenly it leaps to the front of our first-world…

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