I will have to think about this Rescue a bit more

I Make Stuff And I Talk A lot

This is a review for a rescue we recently dealt with: http://www.loyalrescue.com/

So let’s start really simply:

Would I recommend them?



My GOD there were just so many things this rescue did that made adopting from them almost impossible, due to their poor management, lack of communication etc.. I should say that I understand that this is a fully volunteer run organization, but the things we had to deal with were not a reason to use this as an excuse. Far from it.

First,  it took WEEKS for someone to even acknowledge that Loyal had even received our application. I would have thought that the faster they can move dogs into loving and caring environments and also provide room for a new rescue was their main goal? It wouldn’t seem so for Loyal. The entire process for us was pretty awful. It took weeks. In fact over a month…

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