Just to let those know on LJ, my Father passed away on Jan 24th. It is my opinion that the Ottawa Para-medic Service made bad judgement calls and he had inadequate care at the General Campus. The rage will be bottled for now to fuel the energy I need when I go after them for wrongful death. They indirectly killed my Father and the proof will present itself when it comes, so for now love and peace are todays emotions.

One year later: I was right all along. After 2 investigations and inquiries and 3 autopsies, it appears many changes are afoot.

The Ottawa Para-medic Service did indeed make 2 bad judgement calls and 1 diagnostic failure. They are now looking at my Fathers case as a model to help make this not happen again.

The General campus of the Ottawa hospital did actually kill my Dad. They administered Dilaudid from the moment he came in knowing full well he was allergic to morphine and fentanyl. They lied to us on many occasions and then had to retract in the final Inquiry.

I am at peace that my Dad is gone. I can do nothing to change that. I am also at peace that I will always carry the anger around at the injustice done to my family and I can't do a thing about it. It is what it is.

My advice; please understand that you have to be 150% vigilant when in or near a hospital today. Trust no one and make sure they are treatng you or your patient correctly. Demand, dont ask, or you WILL be ignored. Go straight to the top..avoid minions; they are overworked and are the ones who blindly administer the mistakes.

I JUST had an MRI Jan 26th at the Civic campus. I had to point out that the Tech handed me a smock with metal snaps. AND then allowed me to enter the machine with a forgotten ring on my finger. W.T.F. ???