Well its been a hell of a year. Lots of sickness, pain and limitations. I overextended myself both physically and emotionally over the summer/fall and am paying for it now. I am under Doctors orders to do NOTHING, become a couch potato for the next 3 months. I almost slapped him in the face to remind him that I’ve been living in my living room for a couple of years now, so wtf?

Because I am on some pretty intense sleeping medication now (no, my rem pattern still isn’t adjusted from April – stupid FM) I decided that I had explored staring at the wall as much as I cared so I decided to learn MS Publisher inside out. Now, for someone who is on high dosages of Clonazapam at night, I am somewhat spacey during the day. Knowing most Office apps made it a little easier but also being familiar with Photoshop actually made it a little frustrating. There are quite some limitations with this software but since there are 2 computers in the same room it made it a little easier.
So I made personalized calendars for 3 members of my family, one whom is in a nursing home. She has a hard time remembering things so I made a calendar with the birthdays of all of her friends and relatives that she is close to. I also put pics of them (FaceBook was great for this if I didn’t have them). I put the holidays etc and tried to use mostly local Ottawa scenes. I actually had fun doing these as I got to use the atrophying right side of my brain and not just whats left of the left side! lol.

Christmas was very quiet and I did no Christmas baking. Instead I am filling my freezer with homemade food that I can take out in a flash and have for dinner. When I get the energy I will cook up a large batch of something and portion it out an freeze. That way come supper time I’m not whining "Whats for dinner?".

Recipes and pics will follow soon.