Ok, much has happened in the last several weeks (besides lack of sleep) in that Regs Mom fell and broke her hip. The short story is that she is now in Elizabeth Bruyere because they have assessed that she cant go home. We’re hoping for St Pats on Riverside.

Anyway, with absolutely NO help from his siblings (they don’t even visit), Reg has had to start dismantling her present life to start her new chapter. I realize that I’m being a little bitchy here but he has to bring everything here. She was a heavy smoker and for the last couple years she has not been able to clean her apartment and wouldn’t allow anyone else to either. We now know that she has been having TIA’s (I think they’re called) and explains a little of her behavior. But UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So everything that comes into the house smells heavily of cigarette smoke and dirt; which means my dishwasher has been running non stop for days (you’d be amazed what I put in the dishwasher!) or I have had to hand clean everything else that is of a more delicate nature. Its really quite amazing what I’m finding under all that grime and the original colours of some stuff is really quite beautiful. I have been online for days looking at hall and makers marks and china/silver/ceramic/pottery patterns and stuff. Its been quite interesting…and a little fun if I must say. A few little surprises, and much confusion in some cases.

You see, this woman collected salt and pepper shakers, and collect she did. There are WAY over 1000, so since she cant take them with her, she will pick her faves and I’ll make a shadow box for her. The rest need cleaning (mostly in the dishwasher).

So now on to the problem. I seem to have inherited what is basically a sewing room. She took in sewing for folks for most of her life and has every possible imaginable do-hickey, snippet and hooey associated with sewing. I have also inherited a Bernina 801 Sport Sewing Machine.

Yesterday I went through over 500 spools of thread and had to throw out most of them due to age, dirt or smell. I am left with about 100 or so, and I have no freaking idea how to organize and store them! She had them on nails on boards on a wall, but this mode of storage is not for me?

So how do you store your threads, and other stuff? Any thought on the quality of the sewing machine?