I have just had THE most amazing consumer experience. It more than makes up for the crap service that I’ve been on the receiving end of lately.


You know, I’m not that squeamish about bugs n crawly things. I think it’s a left over from being interested in natural sciences from a young age. However, having said that, there are a few instances that I cannot abide and they totally ugh me out. Maggot-y type crawly things make me want to run away (it’s a texture thing), ANY kind of bug in food that didn’t accidentally fall in while being cooked over the fire, and sleeping with bugs. Man I’m just shuddering all over the place right now. Grossed myself out I did.


Anyway I got a new bed a couple of weeks ago. I was able to toss that sorry excuse for Ontario Disabilities’ answer to Fibromyalgia, and has it been glorious. Almost a mini miracle in that I wake up and get up without having to check if I can walk first, or having to let the pain subside before I get up. Yay me! I also don’t have to worry that when I get out of bed a spring will have sprung and is sticking out waiting to skewer me. Honest to gawd it happened twice!


So I got a nice bed. Not a great bed, but a nice one nonetheless. But in the last 2 weeks and especially in the last couple of nights I have been crazy itchy with welts and as a result my rem sleep has been really low (not a good thing).


Finally yesterday I went to the doctors thinking it was a typical allergic reaction to something (new sleeping medication, yarrow, snowmould) and he was puzzled as well. Gave me some Topicort and told me to monitor it for the next couple of days.


I woke up this morning and my legs were covered. Another thought occurred to me that every single thing on the bed was new and stupid me didn’t wash any of it when I took it out of the packages. So I started to strip the bed and stopped dead. There on the sheet were 2 little crawling things. So I got up close and personal with them and then went online. To me, although I cant be 100 percent certain, they were bed bugs. Now all total, I think I only found 4 or 5, but I freaked. I ran around to the other beds in the house but nothing. Just these few little critters on mine and I wasn’t even sure what they were. Not 100%.


Now this is were the story gets weird.


I called the store that I purchased this at and couldn’t get through. Called again and the office picked up. I explained what had happened and she told me someone would call me back. Yah right!


Not a half an hour later I’m talking to Ross from Simmons and he’s apologizing and talking to me (yes TO me, not AT me). Among other things, he explained that all their mattresses sets were factory sealed (and indeed the one I received was) so the possibility of it being bed bugs was remote BUT as a token of good will they were going to instruct Mattress Mart to deliver me a new one. Yah right!


He calls back again and we talk some more, and he tells me they’re going to deliver me an upgraded mattress and it will be delivered this afternoon! Yah right!

Well, maybe.


I thanked him generously but somewhat confusedly as customer service such as this is rare these days. I’m still shaking my head.


So around 11am (this is still the same day!) Mattress Mart calls me and a nice woman named Joanne tells me that they are sending me a Simmons Beauty Rest and it will be delivered at 11:30 if that was alright? Umm ok.


Greg and CJ show up at 11:30 sharp (that in and of itself is amazing – delivery showing up when they say it will) and they remove one mattress set and put a more kick ass one in place, all the while chit chatting quite pleasantly. I’m starting to think at this point that I should be taking them all out for dinner!


I’m still stunned that in the space of approximately four hours a horribly ugh-y problem was resolved quite pleasantly with a little gravy on the side in that the mattress was upgraded, complete with a new mattress cover. I didn’t expect that to happen and I’m quite floored it did.

Is this normal customer service in the bed industry? I’m sure I don’t know, but apparently it is at Mattress Mart and with Simmons.

Sweet dreams to them.