For some strange reason the fresh strawberries in the stores right now are fairly tasty. At this point I’m pretty much relying on the last few bags in the freezer from last years crop, but every once in a while I want fresh.

So I decided to make a pie with some of them.

In “The Last Christmas Post”, Jan. 12th, I had said that I had overcooked some chocolate shortbread. I figured this was a good opportunity to make those cookies into crumbs and make a pie crust out of them for the strawberries.

Now, Strawberry Pie is one of the most simplest things to make, all you need is a cooked pie crust. Too easy. I just whipped up a crumb crust. What I didn’t figure on was the amount of butter I used in the cookie base. You see, French shortbread is pretty much butter with some dry stuff to bind it together. Turning that into crumbs and then adding butter, well, I just wasn’t thinking. What I ended up with was a lovely looking pie that you could have played hockey with! The crust was impossible to cut so it kind of made the pie turn into “dessert in a bowl”. It was however, awesomely good and tasted like a little bit of summer. It really is dfficult to screw up the flavour combination of strawberry and chocolate!

My take on this. Those chocolate shortbread cookies I overcooked was just bad karma all round, and I shouldn’t have tried to make a pie with them!

Strawberry Pie

4 c. strawberries
3/4 c. water
1 c. sugar
3 tbsp. cornstarch 

1 baked pie shell.

Place 3 cups berries into baked pie shell. Simmer 1 cup berries and 3/4 cup water for few minutes. Mix together sugar and cornstarch and add to mixture. Mix will – no lumps. Cook until thick (pudding-like consistency). Pour over fresh berries. Let set in refrigerator.