Yes a PC product and yes commercial fudge! WTF!


Fudge and I go way back. And its a vibrant and healthy relationship but very fickle. Let me state right off though that I don’t like “designer fudge”. That gooey delectable foodstuff that, at premium shops, can cost you a small car payment. And for what? “Yes I’ll have a slice of that pralined pecan, Mexican cone sugar, butter from gently raised cows in the Himalayas, with edible gold covered caviar sprinkles please!” Ugh!


I like it plain, just like Grandmamma used to make. Or my ex Mother-In-Law in my case. Now its all very well and good to say, “Micaylah why don’t you make your own?” And to that I would say “feh!” And then whine a little and tell you that I cant do it. At least not to my satisfaction. I have tried over and over again and I just can’t get it right.


Having sampled several commercial brands, I have always found that they generally taste like chemicals coming together to fool you. Except it doesn’t quite make it. And then over Christmas, look what showed up in stores. And omg, I’ve died and gone to fudge heaven!!!


Not only was I pleasantly surprised, I was also a little shocked as I generally don’t care for most PC products. But occasionally one comes along and WHAM! Yes sir, we have a “winna”! And while it certainly isn’t Grandmamma’s fudge, it isn’t a slab of car payment either.