So I made this last week for Christmas. I have both my fruitcakes done now. Its curing in the basement wrapped in cheesecloth soaked in cherry brandy. And much plastic wrap.

While my dark cake never changes much from year to year (maybe the choice of rum or brandy), I have never made this particular cake before so I have no idea what its going to taste like. I’ll follow up closer to the holidays.

I was attracted to this recipe because of the flavour combinations and the fact that I really love cherries. Glace, or candied cherries usually taste like the bottom of a petri dish and I have yet to find a recipe to make them. So using dried cherries wasn’t much of a stretch to me this time. I do have a recipe for maraschino cherries as well, but its pretty fiddly and I don’t have time right now to mess with this. I do want to try making them though.

I used Cherry Brandy instead of Kirsch, as this is what R. came home with. Harrumph. Of course this will change the flavour, but hopefully not much. The viscosity difference (Kirsch is a liqueur) may come into play, but again, hopefully not too much. I also cut the coconut required by a little as I made smaller loaves and didn’t feel they needed as much. I toasted it as well.