I need some advice. I have recently been made aware that the ministry that administers the Ontario Disability Insurance shares my prescription drug claim history information with Ontario hospital emergency departments. Now, I suppose I dont have an issue with this, it just came as a surprise, and upon some research, nowhere in anything I have ever signed was there made mention of this. But, whatever…

Anyway, today I get a little note in the mail (see attachment) that is telling me that, not only have they been doing this information sharing, they now want to share this with Health Care Providers!

I hear this title “Health Care Provider” bandied about quite a bit, and it seems that anyone in a uniform these days can call themselves that. I was wondering if there was a general definition of who exactly this would be as Im sure I dont know. I am a little hesitant to give ODSP blanket approval to just throw this information around, but at the same time I dont want to appear like Im hiding anything.

Given the track record of ODSP that I always hear in Fibromyalgia forums, Im constantly stressed that Im jumping through the right hoops. Im not too sure what to do here.

Any thoughts?