Edit: There has been a little confusion as to this posting. Its my fault and is totally my bad. In error I shouldnt have deleted my original posting regarding this as it explains that this is indeed not what is being served for lunch at
Feast of the Hare.

I am hosting a little luncheon for a few folks. We do this every once in a while. Hare lunch is being prepared by the multi-talented Lady Lucia de Enzinas and it sounds wonderful.


I had to change my lunch a bit as I had a little brain fart and was duplicating some of the feast dishes. Its corrected! Recipes later.

Paolo Uccello, c1465-70 - Oil on canvas - Ashmolean Museum Oxford UK - Night hunt possibly for stags, hare or fox

Olive e Pomodori
Torta dello scalogno
De Civeri di lEpore e Altre Carni
Foccacia con l’olio di oliva ha infuso
con aceto balsamic
Spezie dell’alloggiamento
Olives and Tomatoes
Noodles and Cheese
Shallot Tarts
Civet of Hare
Bread with Olive Oil infused with Balsamic Vinegar
Sugar Plums – Sugared Almonds