So I found this recipe in the newspaper a while ago and it hung around, and hung around, and I finally decided to try it.  Its quick, easy and doesnt have any claims of haute cuisine or healthy dieting attached to it.

Back when I had that plethora of celery I made this. Since it takes 8k of stew beef, and that’s an investment these days, I cut the recipe in half for my first try.

I finished it in the crock pot as per the directions and while it was good, it wasnt anything spectacular. And then this weekend I was going to whip up some bbq sauce and skewer some beef and I remembered this was in the freezer. So I hauled one of the packets out and threaded them. We didnt brush any other sauce on them while grilling.

Man was this good as brochettes. The meat was still quite juicy on the inside and had crispy bbq bits on the outside. The next time I make this I will trim some of the meat for skewers rather than the crock pot.  Although the sauce is not medieval, doing these on the fire at a camping event would be awesome as well.

Barbecue Beef
makes 4 meals
4kg Stew Beef, bite size
1L Ketchup
1 cup Water
4 envelopes Onion Soup Mix
1 cup Brown Sugar
2 tbsp Mustard
1 cup White Wine Vinegar
8 cups Celery
Label zip lock bags. Place 1kg meat and the celery in each bag. Combine remaining ingredients and distribute evenly among the 4 bags. Remove air, seal bags and freeze.
Slow Cooker:                 4-5 hours on high
                                          6-8 hours on low

Oven:                               1.5 hours at 350°