Reg decided to have an argument with a mitre saw today. Of course he lost. *sigh*

Thankfully due to emergency surgery he will not lose any fingers and perhaps he will have the use of all of them. Of course he may need a new knuckle or 2, but thats not for a while.

So Mr Morphine is lying on the couch and I need to go to bed. Having been in bed myself for 2 days (FM related), spending the day at the hosp taking care of Reg (you think they have staff for that?!?) I’m bushed and incredibly sore. I even had to clean the blood off of him. Run for bedding and then blankets and he didnt even get a pillow until I went and hunted one down. Make sure he had ice to suck on. Inform them when his drip ran out…twice! Even though there is an alarm on it.

Really, the only time hosp staff do anything these days is if you speak up, then its chop chop. Otherwise they basically ignore you. Good rule of thumb (pardon the pun),  is to be assertive but not agrresive and walk around like you own the place but not too cocky. And ever so grateful but not smarmy. The last one was easy as I was totally and truly grateful for ever smidge of a moment they could spare.

All in all, I saw more action from the Volunteer staff than I ever saw from paid staff. And this isnt the first time. Nor the second!