You know when you do something embarrassing and you wish you can take it back? Well I did that.

A while ago the Opposition parties of the Cdn gov’t must have been bored (or else someone was painfully close to exposing yet another scandal and they used this as a deflection), because some decided that Shane Doan was not a good representative as Captain for Team Canada.

So they decided to drag Hockey Canada President Bob Nicholson onto the floor for a dressing down as to why this man was picked. These folks were sure that he had indeed made a racial slur to one of the officials at a game 2 or so years ago, had done their homework and had proof of said allegation. Well, we all know how THAT turned out.

Man was I pissed. Of course living in the capital we are defiantly a gov’t town and are exposed to all-things-political all the time. Perhaps I am a little sensitive but was I fuming. I should note that most things the opposition does these days (no matter whose in the seat at the time) pisses me off. Oh ya, I also now loathe Liberal politicians…every single one of them!

So instead of sitting down, composing an email based on emotion and then coming back to it the next day (as I should do) I “letter rip”!!! And now I’m embarrassed.

I sound like I’m about 16, with the name calling and such, and not very eloquent. Although if you could have seen me at the keyboard I was foaming at the mouth! 

Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2007 6:10 PM
To: Prime Minister’s Office
Cc: McGuinty, David – M.P.; Dion, Stéphane – M.P.; Layton, Jack – M.P.
Subject: This must stop…

Dear Messer’s,

Since there is so much more to do out there, like perhaps governing our country, wouldn’t it be wisest to stick to what you should be doing? I have become sickened and embarrassed by what I see as a norm for all levels of government in our country. Posturing, grandstanding and personal agendas are all “normal” for a politician these days. And if some governing happens to get done, then good for the Canadian people. Stalling on such ridiculous matters as exit dates from Afghanistan (why not just say we’ll stay till the jobs done? Face it Jackie-boy they’re not coming home), global warming hysteria (not a bad start, lets do some more governing TOGETHER and see what happens), and alleged racism of one of our athletes.

Note to Mr Whiney-pants Dion: It was only alleged. The NHL cleared Mr Doan of any wrong doing. He denies it ever happened. End of story, no matter what spin you chose to put on it. For you and others to jump on another 15-minute bandwagon is getting very very tired and old. Politicians have NO business in the sports field and this can only be another vote-getting, photo-op, 15 mins of politicians faces on yet another stupid issue. Most of all, you are just plain pissing folks off every time more negative ness comes out of your mouth.

And to all of you, since when did Opposition mean opposition to everything regardless of how viable something is, nor how stupid you make yourself look. Look before you leap. That lack of insight is why I went form a diehard Liberal to a Conservative in the space of several scandals and my own experience over 40 years with the government machine.

Respectfully after all,
Michelle Groulx 

I’m such a git.